The website is politically neutral and the aim of its foundation is to unite all the businessmen across the world. It is an information and communication platform, granting opportunity to the website users to create business links anywhere in the world at any time. Concepts

User – person registered in website and using the opportunities granted by the website in its entirety. Utilizer – person not registered at website and using the opportunities given by the website in a limited extent (e.g. search of the opportunity, etc.)

Administration – Personnel providing the natural activity of website.

A member of this Site may only be an Armenian / or a person of Armenian origin. In order to check this fact, the administration may demand appropriate documents.

1. By using website (hereinafter referred to as Website) you can accept the terms of the present agreement.

2. When placing announcement the user ensures and guarantees that he bears full responsibility for the content of the announcement placed by him, has all the required rights and permissions (including author's rights, commercial secrets, as well as permission from all the persons mentioned in the announcement) for publication of the given information by him.

3. Placement of the contact details by the User in the website is deemed to be his agreement for their provision by the website administration to the third parties (injured persons, their representatives, state authorities or other persons as a result of actions/inactions of the user).

4. The user undertakes not to:

• Take any actions leading to improper load of the substructure of the website,

• Not to use automated programs for entry to the website,

• Not to prevent and not to attempt to prevent the natural operation of the website and the procedures, as well as not to prevent the work of the automated programs and procedures, not to publish and transfer any virus or other programs,

• Not to violate the rules of publication of announcements,

• Not to use the data provided by the Users for any other reason than the purpose of the announcement placed by the User,

• To make all the claims or suggestions exclusively via the direct electronic correspondence with the Website administration,

• Not to use names, registered or similar to the names registered by the other Users, as well as appear in their name and/or write messages, make offers,

• Not to publish and not to transfer any illegal, threatening, offensive, compromising records, violating the human rights, norms, envisaged by the legal acts, propaganda demonstration of criminally punishable behavior or other illegal behavior,

• Not to publish suggestions containing information on illegal activity, services, goods (e.g. schemes of financial pyramids, narcotics, dangerous chemicals, weapons, stolen goods, etc.)

• Not to upload and/or place information placed by another User.

• The contents of the announcement placed in the website may be updated at any moment and the information may be out of date at any time.

5. The website shall undertake to put efforts for proper performance of the obligations under this agreement.

6. The website shall be authorized to set limitations from time to time on the suggestion of the services/work, as for example validity term, size of announcement, etc. The website may edit the placed annoucement without prior consent from the User and bearing responsibility.

7. For the purpose of provision of high quality of services the Website may restrict the user's actions in the Website.

8. If it is revealed that the User entered false records or violated the obligations under this agreement the Website without the preliminary agreement of the User may destroy the announcement or the registered page of the User, to prohibit at any time the entry of the User to the Website without bearing responsibility before the User or the third party without returning the amount paid by the User.

9. The administration of the website shall reserve the right to verify the records of the User at any time and require evidences confirming them (for example ID, etc.)

10. By using the Website the User gives his consent that he uses the Website and its services as per his own will and responsibility, register and accept all the risks related with the use of the placed announcements. The Website (including the management, employees, etc.) do not bear any responsibility for the contents of the annoucements placed in the Website, any loss and/or damage, which arose as a result of use of the announcement placed in the Website.

11. The website is not an organizer of the transactions between the parties or a party of the concluded transaction.

12. The Website cannot control the accuracy of the announcements placed by the Users and does not bear responsibility for negative consequences of any type appearing as a result of the transaction. The correspondence of the quality, security, legitimacy to the description of the goods and service/work, as well as the opportunity of purchase and sell of any goods/services of the User are out of the control of the Website.

13. All the disputes shall be settled between the Users without involvement of the Website.

14. The availability of the offer in the Website for the User/Utilizer cannot be an unconditional guarantee that the placed suggestion is legal and real. The Website does not bear responsibility for the end of the transaction and the User/Utilizer becomes aware that he bears the responsibility and the risks.

15. The Website does not guarantee the security of the uploading information or use of the Website and the User/Utilizer is aware that all the risks connected with the Website shall be on him.

16. The present agreement shall enter into force from the moment of use by the User/Utilizer of the Website or moment of registration in the Website and is valid for an indefinite period of time.

17. As the User, the Website shall be entitled to unilaterally terminate the registration in the Website (without return of the amount paid by the User).

18. If the user does not agree with the rules of the announcements in the Website or this agreement, he/she shall be obligated to terminate the use of the services offered by the Website. The fact of not terminating the use of the Website is the sign of consent by the User (without return of the paid amount by the User).

19. For the purpose of the improvement of the Website work the activity of the Website may be terminated for a short period of time without prior notice to the User/Utilizer.

20. The Website administration shall be authorized to unilaterally edit the text of this agreement, thereafter the Agreement shall be valid in an edited variant, thus we ask the Website User/Utilizer to regularly follow the changes.

21. The rules of publication of the announcements in the Website (hereinafter referred to as Rules) are created for the purpose of guarantee of the high quality of the announcements and convenience of the User/Utilizer. When placing announcements it is required to be guided by the following rules:

21.1. For the purpose of increase of the efficiency of the announcement we hereby request to mention detailed information of the service/work searched or offered, as well as to use multilingual keywords.

21.2. The pattern demonstrating the announcement shall be in compliance with the text of the announcement.

21.3. The links mentioned in the Website shall have immediate connection with the announcement and shall not violate the natural work of the Website.

21.4. Not to apply various contact details for the purpose of concealing the person’s identity and/or deceit other Users/customers.

21.5. Not to place non existing information.

21.6. Announcements containing erotic services and/or works, prostitution, pornography, including photos or clips, etc. or pornographic character are forbidden in the Website.

21.7. Announcements containing fraud and blackmail are forbidden in the Website.

21.8. The publication of the fraudulent announcements or provision of fraudulent records connected with the third parties is forbidden.

22. Pursuant to the conditions of the use the Website shall be entitled to remove any announcement without explanation or prior information to the User.

23. Price policy:

For placement of one announcement for 3 (three) years the user shall pay 30 000.- (thirty thousand) AMD in equivalent .

24. As part of the marketing strategy, reserves the right to grant the users price discounts, promotional discounts, etc.