Company Field: Law & Commerce Consulting

Mission To provide support and guidance for Armenia’s government, municipalities, educational organizations, NGOs and businesses to succeed through integrated approach of business, legal, technology and management consultancy services to achieve efficiency objectives by realizing business goals, new ideas, creative approaches and innovative solutions. Vision Commitment to driving innovation and business efficiency in Armenia. Increase productivity and innovation through helping clients define their business strategy, technology, transform structure and operations, and deliver change. We Believe • Armenia’s efficiency are yet to be explored. • Armenia’s business efficiency is driven by knowledge and practice of its people’s creative skills. • Success in the world is all about being creative, innovative and technologically informed. • Creativity, innovation, and creative problem solving skills are key to increase efficiency and productivity. • Innovative organization’s asset is its employees; their combined knowledge, performance and achievements are intrinsic to its success. • Executives, entrepreneurs and start-ups are required to master the basic skills of creative thinking and innovation to operate efficiently in a fast changing environment. What We Do At COMMERC Consulting we deliver value through training, mentorship and consultancy services to promote creative thinking and innovation in organizations of different kinds across the country. How We Do- Our values At COMMERC Consulting we bring our skills, knowledge and understanding to bear on each and every assignment or project to deliver effective and efficient solutions. • We take our clients to the next level towards becoming more creative, innovative and efficient when it comes to delivering productivity. • We believe in open communication when transferring skills and knowledge to client. • Our brand and reputation is paramount. Our Specialties Creativity, Innovation, Creative Problem Solving, Efficiency Management, Entrepreneurship. Combining strong educational credentials, intellectual curiosity, proven leadership capacity and commitment to values. Founding Team Mary-Hrachoohi Boghosian, Partenr Armen Yesoyan, Partenr Artur Cherchinyan Partenr