Yerevan Chamber of commerce and industry

Company Field: Commerce and industry

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Yerevan Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Yerevan was founded in 2002, in compliance with RA Law on “Chamber of Commerce and Industry”. Being a non-profit and non-commercial organization, CCI of Yerevan represents the interests of small, medium and large enterprises engaged in business activity from all business areas, including: industry, local and foreign trade, agriculture, financial system. Legal entities and private entrepreneurs registered in the Yerevan can voluntarily become member of CCI of Yerevan. CCI of Yerevan implement activities geared towards the development of economy of the Republic of Armenia and facilitating its integration into the global economic system, supporting Small and Medium Enterprise development, supporting the export of goods and services provided by the members of the chamber, as well as the establishment and strengthening of trade-economic and scientific-technical cooperation with foreign partners, participating in the development and implementation of government projects aimed at Small and Medium Enterprise promotion. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Yerevan periodically organizes business forums, roundtables and other events with the participation of businessmen from overseas countries, which enables Armenian businessmen to establish new contacts and conclude mutually beneficial contracts. Informs the chamber members about economic policies, adopted laws and by-laws of the Republic of Armenia, as well as brings up business related issues to government bodies. Chamber cooperates closely with foreign CCI’s, has signed agreements on cooperation in the field of business information exchange, exhibition-fair activities, support and development of small and medium-sized businesses. CCI of Yerevan provides the following services: • Representation and protection of business interests • Auxiliary service in the field of education • Business-related services to businesses in Armenia • International Relations Activity • Small and Medium Business Support • Culture, Entertainment, Recreation